You Have Got To Have a Sales Funnel !

The Nr.1 Secret on Making Automated Cash Online…

You need to have this to be succesfull making money on-line…

a sales funnel >>>



This is Me Rob Buser

Hi… My name is Rob Buser >>> This is my picture

The nr.1 secret off making it on line is AUTOMATED SALES FUNNELS!

You have got to have a sales funnel !

I have been studying making it on-line for the last 7 to 10 years.
One off the best things you can do to make money while you are studying and poking around is to set up a simple sales funnel with an existing product.

Here is HOW!

Please follow the top money making marketers yellow brick road step by step and on line income is on your way…

What we need first is some basic accounts set up…

ACCOUNTS:  or even better (this one is TOP)

Some handy TIPS to seriously consider:
* Use your email address as your user name and the same password for all accounts PER NICHE OR NETWORK to avoid becoming mixed up in the future.

* You will need to really keep it simple in the beginning. You will have many separate Sales Funnel campaigns going IN THE NEAR FUTURE with different niches and different network organizations.

* Keep your basic user names and passwords the same for each niche, product or network ….
… yet different for different new niches, products and network organizations.
In this case you can identify them better and respond more appropriately.

* It all starts with a separate FREE email address that you than use to set up the rest off the accounts.

Please go ahead now and register yourself for these basic accounts…

A good begin is half the work.
Take your time!

Set it up right from the get go….

1 Email account
2 YouTube account
3 Auto responder account
4 Merchant account
5 WordPress account
and / OR
a Special PageMaker software account

…also known as CPA’s
(CPA’s means ”cost per acquisition”)

As you may have noticed …there are a lot off product and services on-line all ready.
All kinds of Services, Software or regular goods.

Most services, software programs or plain old products are promoted on different platforms or made into network structures like, for example, Amway or Tupperware …but than on-line.
(on special equipped web sites).

The owners or licensed resellers offer them to the world to also make money that way in Exchange for commissions.
(sometimes very big commissions)

As specially membership software companies give huge commissions when you bring in new members.
$500, $ 1000 or $1500 commissions are not at all uncommon.

Expect miracles!

Any one (…after qualifying / which is easy) is allowed to resell anything and get paid a percentage of the revenue (sales) that you generated yourself by recommending products and services to others.
(on-line or else-wise)

This is called affiliate marketing. You can become an affiliate of as many organizations and products as you please.

You can set up as many SALES FUNNELS up as you want. It all depends on you!

Here is a much used platform to become a (FREE) member of and get your promo codes (personal website link addresses) in order to send people to (traffic) ….and use the promo links as hyper links in your campaigns content.

Hyper-links are active words in social media 1liners, banners, test reports, articles, press releases or ads were (when you click on them) send readers (automatically) to an on line website that is linked with your account.

This linking is done with genealogy (family-tree software systems) and matrix software so they can figure out who is sending who to calculate your commission.

Got the picture? Do you get a good feeling how powerful this really is !!!

Now let’s get you your own Promo Code for THIS product.

NOW you can make commissions right away with this e book and other up sell products you promote.
It is this simpel !


There are many CPA platforms in the mean while. I am suggesting you use one 1 first and rule 1 campaign at the time.

Just get familiar and sign up for FREE.

…more to come… Look me up on Google or YouTube: Rob Buser SALESFUNNELS123

See You On The Beaches Off The World…

Rob Buser   (click my name to Learn More About Me…if you so please…)


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